Everything you need to know about season points championship

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Everything you need to know about season points championship

Postby Jeff Thill » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:19 pm

Ok I wrote this back in 2014 and as far as I know the points system works exactly the same except with some bonus points allowed for showing up to certain races as per the boards discretion and those special races will be announced in advance to all members. For example Top Gun, Coneheads and things like that.

The way the season points work for each class championship, regional points champion and regional pax points champion is the driver must attend at least half of the races put on by the Great Falls club for the year. If there are 13 races, they must attend 7. You must remain in the same class as well for points to count toward class, and region championships. All races that the great falls club operates, count for the season championships. This includes all Helena races we operate. The points are calculated within axware (our timing software). The software calculates the points given per class depending on the number of drivers in the class as well as how close they are together on their best runs of the day. For example; if you are the only one in the class, you will only get 90 points no matter how fast you are. If you have two or more people in the class, first place position gets 100 points. If you and I race in the same class and you beat me by several seconds, you will get 100 points and I may get 91 points. But if we were a tenth of a second apart, you would get 100 points and I might have 98 points. You are allowed to drop one race per year. The software also automatically calculates this. All points are used to tally class championship and region championship as well as pax championship.
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