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2019-2020 Region 105 Event Dates

Our full calendar is listed below the registration section.

RallyCross dates are dependent on weather, location, and participation.

Please note that ALL Region 105-sponsored Helena (regular season) event dates are PRE-REGISTER.

Registration is done through and registration links will be connected to the dates below. (They will be underlined if they have active links for you to click on.)

Pre-registration for Great Falls AutoCross events is not required, but it will save you money and save data entry time the morning of the event. If you choose not to pre-register, registering the day of the event will cost you an additional $5.00 above and beyond the fees shown on This does not apply to first-time drivers.

Missoula’s, Bozeman’s, and Billings’ event schedule links are listed after ours.

If you would like to see all of our events please click here and you will be directed to

2019-2020 RallyCross Events:

(Please note that RallyCross vehicles must have a 90% ratio of height-to-width. (If it is 100 inches wide, it can only be 90 inches tall). To view all of the rules, please CLICK HERE. (It will start a download of the rules.)

RallyCross: December 7th, 2019, Cascade

RallyCross: January 4th, 2020, Cascade

2020 Pre-Season AutoCross Events:

Knock-Off-The-Rust: 4/25-4/26, Helena

The 2020 Season Starts!

April 19th, Montana Expo Park (MEP)

May 3rd, MEP

Montana Challenge 1: May 16th-17th, (Region 105) Helena

May 23rd, 24th, 25th, MEP

Montana Challenge 2: 6/-6/, (Region 38) Helena (STILL TBD)

July 4th and 5th, MEP

Montana Challenge 3: 7/-7/(Region 52) Helena (STILL TBD)

July Event (Dutton) (STILL TBD)

Top Gun: August 15th-16th, Helena

August 30th, MEP

Coneheads: September 19th-20th, Helena

Montana Challenge 4: 9/-9/ (Region 108) Helena (STILL TBD)

October 4th, MEP

October 11th, MEP

Season Ends!

Click here for Region 38’s Race Schedule
Click here for Region 52’s Race Schedule
Click here for Region 108’s Race Schedule*

*Region 108’s link goes to their Facebook page.

Here is the map to the RMESTC:


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