RallyCross Race Results

One of the main differences between Autocross and Rallycross is the way lap times determine the fastest driver out there.

Because the track could, and usually does, change throughout the day, times in Rallycross are cumulative. Instead of trying for the best, cleanest individual lap times like Autocross, each Rallycross lap time is added together, and the fastest over-all cumulative score is at the top of the list. There are classes, yes, (only 9) but there is no PAX multiplier like in Autocross.

Also, at the beginning of the race, racers decide as a group if they want to drop the slowest lap. Any penalties for hitting a cone (2 seconds) or missing a gate (10 seconds) can be the difference between being on top or wishing you would have taken a different line!

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4/8-4/9/2017 (This was our first RallyCross weekend. Results were not kept.)



rallyx bootlegger 1-27-18 -raw- rallyx 1-27-18_raw -fin- rallyx 1-27-18_fin -sum- rallyx 1-27-18_sum

rallyx bootlegger 1-28-18 -sum- rallyx 1-28-18_sum -raw- rallyx 1-28-18_raw -fin- rallyx 1-28-18_fin

rallyx bootlegger 2-11-18 -sum- rallyx 2-11-18_sum -fin-  rallyx 2-11-18_fin -raw-  rallyx 2-11-18_raw

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